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Computer Telephony Integration

CTIA click of the mouse is all that is required to control your phone or mobile and make calls from any application. Regardless of whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux at work, XPhone is the ideal solution for the office, home office or the road.
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Smartphone & Tablet PC

Mobile IntegrationAnd even when you're on the road, you still have access to all personal and company contact data as well as your call journal; you can see your colleagues' call and presence status, control your own availability and use the One-Number service.
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Receiving and sending faxes

Faxversand und Faxempfang am PCXPhone offers you an efficient fax solution which is also easy to use. Enabling faxes to be sent and received directly at the computer (Fax 2 Mail / Mail 2 Fax). Faxes can be sent from practically any Windows application.
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Intelligent voicemail system

Voicemail-SystemThe voicemail system knows your appointments, holidays and bank holidays, and presents each caller with the appropriate message without requiring you to handle it. Voice messages are received by e-mail or can be accessed conventionally by phone.
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Control presence and availability

Präsentmanagement und Erreichbarkeit steuernYour presence status automatically synchronises with your calendar or can be modified manually. You can see who is present, who is out on business or out of the office at any time. Even your colleagues' current call status is shown.
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Instant Messaging (Chat)

Chat, Instant MessagingIn-company Instant Messaging (Chat) with XPhone represents real-time communication around the world and is of particular importance for organisations with several local or international locations or even just for making brief arrangements.
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Sending text messages from the PC

SMS Empfang und SMS Versand am PC (Computer)Using XPhone, sending text messages can be actively integrated in the respective workflows. Call alerts, callback requests, appointment confirmations etc. can be easily sent at a click of the mouse thanks to text message templates.

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Contact Data Management

Kontaktdatenmanagement, AdressbuchXPhone enables you to swiftly and easily access all company contacts even if they are distributed across various locations, data bases or special applications - and you can use them anywhere and at any time for communication.
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Desktop sharing and remote access

Bildschirmfreigaben und Remote ZugriffXPhone offers you the possibility of remote access to your colleagues' computers as well as desktop sharing. Collaboration with colleagues or the provision of swift support is easier than ever before thanks to XPhone.
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Online meetings and conferences

Online Meetings, Online Schulungen und Online KonferenzenSales presentations with individual customers, team meetings with colleagues or even online training and conferences with up to 100 participants can be implemented spontaneously or planned using XPhone - in an easy and uncomplicated manner.
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Automatic operator console

Automatische Telefonzentrale, Auto AttendantUse the automatic XPhone message and transfer system to present your company in the form of professional messages of high audio quality, tangibly relieving your operator console while improving service for your callers.
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Switchboard and team workplace

VermittlungsarbeitsplatzXPhone Team Panel represents an efficient and professional operator console for your switchboard, individual departments (e.g. sales or service hotline) or for selected employees.
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Optimising communication and work processes

Kommunikations- und Arbeitsprozesse optimierenIn the case of incoming and outgoing calls, many standard tasks can be practically linked with telephony functions. Applications can be started automatically, caller data transferred and documents (letters, faxes, e-mails), memos or appointments easily created.
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Integration in your ICT infrastructure

Vernetzung von Standorten und TelefonanlagenXPhone Unified Communications integrates seamlessly in existing IT landscapes and supports all renowned ISDN- and IP-based PBXs. XPhone merges various telco systems and locations to form a uniform communications solution.
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