XPhone UC 2011

XPhone Unified Communications 2011

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 is the most efficient telephony and communications solution offered by C4B. It is easy to use and improves workflows within your organisation. The solution is seamlessly integrated in existing applications and utilises the PBX and IT infrastructure already in place, whereby a wide variety of communication options such as telephone, mobile, fax, voicemail, text message and Instant Messaging are united and combined with presence information.

The software provides efficient telephony features in practically all applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, ERP, CRM or the Web browser. Linking telephony events with certain actions, e.g. starting applications, automatic creation of letters or faxes and much more, noticeably improves workflows within the organisation.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

A click of the mouse is all that is required to enable you to make phone calls from any application on your computer. Your office phone or mobile immediately sets up the requisite connection.

Equally effortless: accepting or transferring calls, performing swap holds or setting up conference calls. XPhone Unified Communications 2011 provides efficient telephony features wherever they are required. XPhone CTI functions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook (Exchange), Apple Mac or Lotus Notes and can also augment Tobit David.

A caller popup delivers all of the key information on the call even as the phone rings.

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Computer Telefonie Integration (CTI) für Micsosoft Exchange (Outlook), Lotus Notes und Tobit David

Mobile integration in the PBX

Mobile phones are standard kit for many workers. Landline and mobile phone systems, however, remain disconnected from another. But this calls for more organisation, e.g. thanks to separate call journals, double contact data maintenance and voicemail systems. XPhone Unified Communications 2011 bridges this gap and fully integrates your mobile phone in your communications infrastructure.

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Improved business processes with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Unified Communications 2011 seamlessly integrates all means of communication – telephone, mobile, fax, voicemail, text messages and Instant Messaging – in your applications and processes. Open interfaces ensure that they are easily integrated in your IT and telco infrastructure thereby increasing the value of systems already available.

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Geschäftsprozesse in Kommunikation einbinden

Answering machine with time- and presence-controlled greetings

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 - Microsoft Outlook Kalender und Anrufbeantworter

The integrated voicemail system from XPhone Unified Communications 2011 offers more than you would expect of an answering machine. And if you are not available, callers still feel well looked after, regardless of whether you happen to be on holiday or in a meeting. The answering machine automatically synchronises with your calendar, knows the dates of holidays and public holidays and offers each caller the appropriate greeting without requiring you to handle it.

Callers are identified by means of their phone numbers. When calls come from abroad, greetings are automatically changed to the corresponding language. Your voicemail system is even aware of your office hours enabling it to greet callers with the correct greeting or a simple "Good morning ..." or "Good evening ...".

Any messages left are simply supplied by e-mail and can be accessed at any time - using your office phone, mobile or PC.

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Telephone switchboard with automatic call pick-up and transfer

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 - Automatische Anrufvermittlung und Anrufannahmezoom

First impressions on the phone are decisive. XPhone UC Auto Attendant 2011 is an automatic greeting and communication system representing your organisation in the form of professional greetings of high audio quality, noticeably relieving the strain on your switchboard while simultaneously improving service for your callers.

XPhone UC Auto Attendant 2011 can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with additional XPhone UC components. The Auto Attendant even augments your XPhone voicemail system. Greeting elements in your Auto Attendant can be made available simultaneously to all employees for their personal voicemail boxes, thereby enabling multi-lingual greetings on your colleagues' personal voicemail boxes.

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Receiving and sending faxes directly at the computer or mobile phone

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 - Faxsoftware für Unternehmen

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 includes an efficient and easy-to-use fax server solution for your organisation and departments. Integrated fax software enables you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer (PC or Mac). You can even use your mobile phone to send and receive faxes.

Sending and receiving faxes with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes  

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 integrates seamlessly in the Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes interface. One click is all that is required here to send faxes. Inbound faxes are supplied by e-mail or can be printed directly on a printer.

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XPhone Unified Communications 2011 - Instant Messaging

Presence management and Instant Messaging for companies

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 offers efficient presence features, enabling you to see the current status and availability of any of your colleagues at any time – even when you're out of the office. XPhone UC synchronises with their calendars and updates their presence status, activating call forwarding and the respectively suitable voicemail greeting.

You can even look up your team members' call status, regardless of whether they are using their mobile or office phone. Use Instant Messaging to communicate with your colleagues around the world and in real time.

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XPhone Unified Communications 2011 - Integrierte SMS Workflows

Integrating the process of sending text messages in company workflows

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 integrates text messages in company communications and workflows enabling you to send text messages directly from your computer. You can send text messages to one or more recipients, specify the time to be sent and use text message templates integrated in your business processes.

Sending text messages from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 integrates seamlessly in the user interface of your Outlook or Notes enabling text messages to be sent directly from your e-mail programme. 

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